Why choose The Honeypot Nurseries


At the Honeypot Nursery we believe that your child is the most precious gift and closely work with parents to ensure a safe, secure environment, high quality care and learning experiences are offered at all times.

As your children grow, begin to experiment and develop their own imagination we provide a wide range of activities to help their individual learning. The nurseries have an extensive range of equipment to stimulate little minds and curiosity.

Using the Pre Birth to 3 and Curriculum For Excellence guidelines your little ones will be encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace through sensory activities and play.

Your child's Health & Wellbeing are of utmost importance to us and at The Honeypot we ensure children receive healthy snacks, outdoor play using our gardens on a daily basis, visits to the outdoor environment and the children enjoy being visited by outside agencies e.g. fire brigade.

We will consistently provide a programme for each age group that is both interesting and exciting whilst at the same time helping your child's all round development.


Our staff will always strive to encourage positive attitudes and develop confidence and promote self-esteem.